Welcome to CECAM Bolivia

CECAM Bolivia is an organization dedicated to sustainable development in the most vulnerable segments of the Bolivian population who are subject to problems of poverty, gender-based violence, and environmental contamination. We do this by conducting research before applying and disseminating the most efficient, healthy, and appropriate technologies to those in need. Currently, we are focusing on developing the Cochabamba Pedal Project as a means of economic development and promoting environmental sustainability.

Though our methodology often involves technology, our passion and focus has always been on the Bolivian people. It is important to recognize that, when aid or charitable work fails to achieve its goals, the first misstep is often a cultural misunderstanding.

Thus, our aim is not only to bring new technologies into the lives of the rural poor and hope that they can adapt to them. Our first goal is to come to an understanding with the communities we work with. We want to be cognizant of the peoples’ customs and culture, pay respect to it, and work with them over long periods of time. We believe that teaching them how to use our technology will make their lives much easier.

It is our hope that these simple improvements, and the teaching and training that comes with it can contribute to the bigger picture. We hope not just to contribute to healthier living standards for Bolivia’s poorest residents, but to aid in the creation of a participatory and just society. We hope to inspire change in the next generation that encompasses respect for human rights as well as finding a balance between living with dignity and living in harmony with the surrounding environment.